Winter Announcements from Edmodo

Dear Developers and Publisher Partners:

We launched Edmodo Connect in March 2014 as a more flexible and robust version of the Apps API. Since then, we’ve been working to improve its features for both users and developers. Starting January 1, 2015, all new developers and partners will be encouraged to use Edmodo Connect.

Existing developers will still be able to distribute their apps through the Apps API. However, since Edmodo Connect is built on OAuth 2.0, it’s quick and easy to develop and implement. Just ask our partners—O’Reilly Media, Singtel, GlassLabs, Motion Math, and Tackk, to name a few—who’ve already enabled it for their apps.

Edmodo Connect Advantages

Its authorization flow and API help educational websites and mobile apps benefit from our vast learning network. When teachers and students “Log in with Edmodo,” you gain access to their Edmodo profile information and enjoy:

  • Better Discovery. Edmodo Connect was developed alongside our content recommendation engine, which surfaces high-quality, relevant resources (including apps) based on contextual signals such as students’ formative assessments, search results, and more. It’s easy for teachers to find and assign resources to students since our engine does the searching for them. Users will see these resource recommendations throughout the core Edmodo web experience beginning in January.
  • No Revenue Share. You keep 100% of the revenue generated once your app or website is discovered on Edmodo.
  • Mobile-Friendly Flexibility. You can save teachers valuable time with Edmodo Connect. When they discover your content in their stream or the Edmodo Store, they can share it with their students and watch them access it in one click. No setup time required.
  • Feature Parity. Your app will still be listed in the Edmodo Store, alongside all existing apps. The Edmodo Connect API allows you to integrate with certain information, including: groups, connections, posts, badges, and more.

How to Get Involved

The best way to have your content included as a recommended resource is to:

  1. Add the Edmodo Connect log-in to your site, so users can maintain their Edmodo identity without having to log in.
  2. Record any standards alignments or subject metadata relevant to your content on your Edmodo Store page.

Our team will be available in the coming weeks to support app partners in converting implementations to Edmodo Connect. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at

We look forward to embarking on this exciting phase together!

– The Edmodo Team