Integrate with Edmodo’s Core Features

The most successful apps on our platform integrate seamlessly into Edmodo’s pre-existing tools and functionality.

Apps can

  • Send content to teacher libraries and student backpacks,
  • Allow users to turn in assignments,
  • Award students badges to make learning fun and competitive,
  • Send grades to teacher grade books,
  • Post to user streams, and more

Integrating these features into your app makes sharing and managing content more efficient and increases word-of mouth about your app.

Identify Areas of Integration

When planning to integrate with Edmodo features, review the questions below to determine the highest impact integration points.

1. Could my app benefit from different views for teachers and students (or parents)? You might consider:

  • Sending an app notification to a parent account
  • Collecting and uploading grades generated in the grade book

2. Does my app generate an outcome? You might consider:

  • Passing a grade back to the teacher’s grade book
  • Awarding a badge to a student’s profile page
  • Posting an update to the group’s stream

3. Does my app create content? You might consider:

  • Integrating content with teachers’ libraries and students’ backpacks by creating an “Add to Library/Backpacks” icon
  • Allowing students to turn in an assignment from within your app by selecting from a drop-down menu of all the active assignments his or her teacher has created

Partners Who Integrate with Edmodo’s Core Features

Each Edmodo partner has used different components of the API that best supports the desired impact of their content and material to create a unique experience for teachers and students. See the examples of integrating the various Edmodo features below


The connect to zondle app on Edmodo allows users to create custom games that ask questions on a chosen topic. The app is integrated with the Edmodo’s grade book feature, saving teachers time and effort when managing students’ grades.

zondle Topic    Zondle Gradebook


Teq has apps in the Edmodo Store that cover a range of subject areas, including science, math, social studies, and more. In each subject area, Teq leverages the Edmodo API to award student badges, which make student learning more game-like and increases engagement. By being acknowledged for student successes and receiving badges other students can see, students are motivated to continue learning.

AnimalCell    Teq 1    Teq 2

GoAnimate for Schools

GoAnimate for Schools is an app that allows users to create custom videos. The app leverages several Edmodo core features to provide an engaging user experience for both teachers and students. GoAnimate users submit assignments to assignment posts, review for exams, save content to their Edmodo libraries and backpacks, and post their own videos to their streams.

GoAnimate2   GoAnimate3