As an Edmodo developer, you’ll need access to two environments to develop and publish apps in the Edmodo Store—the sandbox and production environments.

The Sandbox Environment

Sign up for your sandbox environment here.

Once approved, you’ll get a unique developer sandbox that mirrors Edmodo’ s production environment. The sandbox is accessed via www.[Your Sandbox Username] and your sandbox credentials.

You will develop and thoroughly test your app with the pre-populated teacher and student accounts within your sandbox. If you are developing your first app for Edmodo, the app must be reviewed and approved by the Edmodo Apps Team before you can access the production environment. Once your app is reviewed, you will have access to the production environment in the form of a publisher account. Continue to use your sandbox environment to create, test, and update your apps, even after apps have been migrated to your production account.

Note: Access to the Edmodo sandbox environment does not guarantee access to production. Each production request is reviewed by the Edmodo Apps Team to make sure that the app’s content, user experience etc., are applicable to the K-12 community and meet Edmodo’s integrity standards.

The Production Environment

The Edmodo Apps Team will provide you with information to access the production environment. Once you have a publisher account, you can:

  • Add your app(s) to your account.
  • Update assets for already migrated apps.
  • Manage which apps are visible to customers in the store.
  • Review store reporting.
  • Build and maintain your community page.

Before you can publish an app to the Edmodo Store, it must be reviewed and approved by the Edmodo Apps Team. The team reviews the quality of the user interface and content.

* If you already have a publisher account with Edmodo but want sandbox access, email with the subject line‚ “Sandbox Access Requested” with your Edmodo account details in the body of the email.