Following are several ways you can promote your app once it’s approved for the Edmodo Store. These opportunities are suggested best practices and not intended to guarantee or imply success.

Internal Promotion

Gain Visibility at Launch

All apps published to the Edmodo Store are featured in the ”Recently Added” section of the Store’s homepage, making it easy for teachers to browse what’s new.

Promote Your Publisher Community Page

Set up your publisher community by sending a welcome post to your community post stream, and enhance it by adding resources to your publisher collection. To make your community visible to teachers, check the “Promote My Page” option on the bottom left of your publisher account homepage. For more information on setting up your publisher community, please refer to the “Publisher Community Guide” document.

Request to Be Featured

The Edmodo Apps Review Board features apps in the Edmodo Store based on quality of content, user experience, and integrations with Edmodo’s core features, such as teacher libraries and student backpacks, student badges, assignment posts, and teacher grade books. For more information on integrating your apps with Edmodo’s core features, please refer to the “Plan Your App” section. To submit your app for consideration, email with the subject line “Request to Be Featured” and the name of your app in the body of the email. Our Apps Review Board will review your request and notify you if your app is selected to appear in the “Featured” section of the Edmodo Store.

External Promotion

Share on Social Media

Announce the launch of your app on Twitter and Facebook. Mention @Edmodo in your tweet and Facebook post and we’ll retweet and share.

Sample Post: [App Name] is now available in the @Edmodo Store! Check it out here [link to app page in the Edmodo Store]!

Notify Your Current Users

Email your current users to let them know your app is now available on Edmodo. Users with Edmodo accounts will be able to install your app to groups where teachers post assignments, keep track of student grades, upcoming events, and more.

Promote on Your Company Website

Use your company’s website to publicize your app’s launch in the Edmodo Store. Have a blog? Include the “Edmodo Share” feature on your promotional blog post to encourage users to share the post with their connections in Edmodo. To secure code for the “Edmodo Share” feature, contact