The Edmodo Apps Team reviews all publishers as potential partners as well as all apps before granting access to the Edmodo production environment or the Edmodo Store. This guide was written to help you understand our review process as you develop for the Edmodo platform. It is not an amendment or modification to the Publisher Agreement, which you are required to abide by before becoming an Edmodo partner. In the event of any conflict between this document and the Publisher Agreement, the terms of the Publisher Agreement shall govern. While not exhaustive, the following provides an overview of partnering with Edmodo as an app publisher.

Becoming a Publisher on

Production access to is granted after:

  • A publisher/partner (once your first app is in the Edmodo store, you’ll find we use these terms synonymously) is verified as a legitimate business/person that develops K-12 educational apps.
  • The Edmodo Apps Team reviews and approves your first app.

Upon approval, you will receive a username and password for your publisher account allowing you to access your community page, publish your app to the Edmodo Store, and manage your app within Edmodo.

App Review Submission

Once your app is ready for review, email with the subject line, ”App Ready for Review.” In the body of the email, include the Edmodobox URL and the app’s title.