Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Edmodo provides an SSL-default across all pages of our website and require SSL encryption across all pages of your apps, all media (e.g.,demo videos) on your app’s page in the Edmodo Store must also be encrypted by SSL, e.g., demo videos. For more information on SSL, please visit

Privacy in the End User License Agreement (EULA)

Before purchasing and installing an app, the teacher must agree to the EULA listed on the app’s installation page in the Edmodo Store. Edmodo provides a EULA template for you to download and use via the Publisher Agreement. The template is available in your publisher account on the Overview page. If you do not use the template provided by Edmodo, you must include the entire “Privacy” section from the Edmodo EULA in your own end user agreement.

Student-Created Content

Student-created content may not be made accessible to anyone outside a student’s Edmodo group without the teacher’s permission. If a teacher allows a student to share content, student information obtained via Edmodo’s API may not be displayed.

Profanity Filters

If your app’s content is searchable, safety and profanity filters must be implemented.

App Instructions

Excellent product and customer support is of utmost importance to Edmodo. To ensure users have a positive experience, you must complete the Edmodo App Support form for each app you publish to the Edmodo Store. The information you provide will be used in the Edmodo Help Center to provide users with immediate level-one support for your app.