List in the Edmodo Store

After Edmodo Connect has been implemented on your web or mobile app, you will have the option to list your app in the Edmodo Store for users to discover. The app will be returned in search for users based on the app information and meta data you provide on your publisher dashboard.


  1. Create your Edmodo publisher account.
  2. Email when the implementation is complete. The Apps Team can grant access to list your app.
  3. Create a new instance of the app and be sure to select “Edmodo Connect” on the dashboard. Include the URL to your web or mobile app.
  4. Add the description, images, meta data, etc. to the app listing.
  5. When the listing is ready, list the app in the Edmodo Store!


Work with Our Team

Talk to our team about other opportunities. Check out our recent blog post about iPad apps that have implemented Edmodo Connect.