Getting Started

Video tutorials

Check out what a completed integration with Edmodo looks like.


Review this video to see the steps to getting started with your publisher account and app integration.

App Registration

To use Edmodo Connect, your app must first be registered with Edmodo. To register your app, you will need:

  • An Edmodo publisher account.
  • An application callback URL: This is the URL that the login dialog redirects back to. This URL will capture the response data from the login dialog in order for your app to get an access token.

Set up your publisher account at our developer home page. Once within your developer account, click on the tab for Edmodo Connect to request your client id and secret.

Basic Steps

A user clicks “Log in with Edmodo” in your app.

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The app opens a popup window or redirects to the Edmodo Connect dialog. In this dialog, the user may be asked to sign in to Edmodo (if they’re not currently signed in) and to authorize your app (if they have not already done so).


Once the user has authorized your app, you will receive an “access token” by completing one of the authentication flows described below. Use the access token to make calls to the Edmodo API and get information about the user.

To keep the user logged in to your app, persist the access token by adding it to the session data, or by writing it to the native app’s datastore. To log the user out of your app, clear the access token by deleting the session in a webapp, or by clearing it from this native app’s datastore.