Dear Edmodo Developers,

After June 30th, 2016, we will no longer support apps that use the Apps API. Only Edmodo Connect apps will be listed in the Edmodo Store after this date.
We strongly encourage our partners to switch to the Edmodo Connect API, which allows students and teachers to sign in to your app using Edmodo credentials. Once migrated, apps will stay listed in the store and will eventually be available through Spotlight.

Integrating your app using Edmodo Connect is simple and straightforward; it uses OAuth2.0 and our early partners report that a basic integration takes 4-8 hours of a developer’s time.

There are several benefits of switching to the Edmodo Connect API:

  • Allows your app to be included in new product enhancements such as in-stream recommendations for better discovery
  • Compatible with iOS and Android so one integration works for all platforms
  • Ongoing support along with a progressively more robust API

Check out Edmodo Connect

Please feel free to reach out to the Edmodo Apps team if you have any questions about the transition.

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