1) Content Recommendations

  • Check out your updated developer dashboard! We’ve added new sections for developers to share standards alignments for their apps (Common Core and/or state standards).
  • Enter any Common Core and/or state standards into the user dashboard and click save! Your results will be added to our database and indexed by our search team. Teachers will begin seeing your resources on Edmodo.

2) Edmodo Connect

  • Our new single sign-on tool that leverages the Edmodo API to import classroom roster information, enable Edmodo sharing and social features in your product, and speed up onboarding for your new users.
  • View the docs and request your client key.
  • Check out this happy teacher’s praise for the feature!

3) Edmodo Apps on iPhone

  • Users will soon be able to launch apps from the Edmodo native iPhone app.
  • Make sure your app is up to specs for iPhone, let our apps team know when it’s all set, and we will clear it for use on iOS devices.

Questions? As always, feel free to contact Henry at apps@edmodo.com.