See a detailed description of each pack below. Additionally, your Edmodo account been added to the group “Apps for A-team” (group code: qyhvrj) that has each of the following apps in it.

A Teacher’s Timer

Timing classroom activities has never been so fun and easy. Set recurring alarms for your classroom and save them right in Edmodo! The countdown clock makes timed classroom activities easier than ever. Our app now features entertaining new alarm sounds.



With Blendspace, teachers can easily create and deliver lessons that adapt to students needs through easily drag-and-dropping internet resources, built-in assessments and lesson tacking. These lessons can then be shared and updated throughout the school year.
Hundreds of thousands of teachers and students across the world are using Blendspace to: 1) flip their classroom, 2) project-based learning and 3) differentiate their instruction.


Digital Passport

Digital Passport, developed by Common Sense Media, is an immersive, game-rich environment that introduces 3rd – 5th graders to essential lessons for staying safe and responsible while using digital devices. The app features a suite of interactive learning games, videos and wrap-around classroom activities that address critical skills related to online safety, digital citizenship, and responsible content creation.



Deliver video like you teach! Your free tool to embed rich, dynamic questions into online video and track student understanding.
Transform video content you find online (YouTube, Khan Academy, LearnZillion, TeacherTube, Vimeo, etc.) into an interactive learning experience for your students. By presenting questions that students engage with as the video progresses, you keep students accountable to the material and, through our analytics, know who watched the video, where misconceptions arose, and what material needs to be retaught.



eduClipper is a educational social platform that has been created for educators and students. Educators can explore, share, and contribute great educational content to share with students and colleagues. Students can create study groups, collaborate on research assignments, and even create digital portfolios to share the best work they are creating throughout their educational careers



Create your own flashcards or search from other flashcards generated by others in your class or group. Watch your students teach each other by sharing flashcards and helping each other learn tough subjects in your classroom. Memorization and practice has never been this fun and effective.


Pixton Comic Maker

Pixton makes reading and writing fun by giving students the power to create expressive narratives in the familiar, graphical format of comics.
Design and control fully posable characters, speech bubbles, backgrounds, props, photos, even voice-over. Add comics to your Library, turn them in for assignments, print & download.
Perfect in any subject area for summarizing a reading, applying vocabulary, re-enacting events, demonstrating comprehension, explaining a concept.



PowToon is a presentation tool that brings a fresh new communication style into the classroom. The drag-and-drop simple platform allows teachers to create content that captures students’ imagination, and it gives students a language and medium to express themselves in a cool new way.


Unio Class Pro

Unio empowers the teacher to blend content on the fly with an easy integration of white-boarding, files (documents, presentations, videos), and annotations on top of files. Real-time student monitoring with personalized learning inputs becomes a reality with Unio.


Unio Flip

From concept teaching with plenty of white-boarding to a PowerPoint class delivered with audio, Unio Flip can be used by a variety of teachers to create multi-page flipped classes which can be published to both teachers and students within teachers’ Edmodo groups. Unio Flip offers a novel replay experience, far more powerful than known video players, by allowing users to annotate both text and free-form writing on recorded flipped classes.