Get a single user (by ID)

Required Scopes: basic

Example RequestGET
Authorization: Bearer 8fb2f251560655

Example Response200 OK
X-RateLimit-Limit: 300
X-RateLimit-Remaining: 299
"url": "",
"id": 1,
"type": "teacher",
"username": "adamstep",
"user_title": "Mr",
"first_name": "Adam",
"last_name": "Stepinski",
"small": "",
"large": ""

Note: user type options include “teacher” and “student”. For more information about these entities, check out our help center.

Get a single user (using “me”)

Note: Using “me” in place of the id will redirect to the actual id of the current user. All initial requests to the users resource requires using “me” in place of the id.

Example RequestGET
Authorization: Bearer 8fb2f251560655

Example Response302 Moved Temporarily
X-RateLimit-Limit: 300
X-RateLimit-Remaining: 299

Get a single user with email address

GET /users/:user_id

Returns extended information about the user. Includes the user’s email if the user is getting themselves, or if an admin is retrieving a user they administer. (When using OAuth, the “read_user_email” scope must be included to get the email address).

OAuth scopes

  • basic (does not include the user’s email)
  • read_user_email (must be combined with the “basic” scope)

Example request
GET /users/10

Example Response
200 OK
url: "http://localhost:3000/users/10",
id: 10,
type: "teacher",
username: "edna",
user_title: "Ms",
first_name: "Edna",
last_name: "Krabappel",
locale: "en-GB",
timezone: "America/New_York",
email: "",
avatars: {
small: "",
large: ""
school: {
url: "",
id: 14
district: {
url: "",
id: 12
school_admin_rights: {
institution: "school/1001",
can_grant_rights: true,
can_allocate_funds: true
district_admin_rights: {
institution: "district/90",
can_grant_rights: false,
can_allocate_funds: false